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How to pick the tattoo that’s right for you

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on Tattoo Ideas

So you’ve decided you want to get a tattoo, but you have so many different tattoo ideas, you don’t know where to start. Do you choose one of the cool cross tattoos you saw on Pinterest? Do you look through popular designs like flower tattoos or butterfly tattoos? This is going to be permanently on your skin so you want to make sure you make the right decision. Here are four questions you may want to ask yourself before you step into the studio.

Why are you getting a tattoo?

Before you get a tattoo, you want to be very clear about your intentions. Are you getting a tattoo to honor a loved one? Do you want to express a particular passion or aspect of yourself? Do you want something visually appealing that has a meaning which can change and evolve over time? Do you simply admire the appearance of body art?

These are all excellent reasons to get a tattoo, but the tattoo design you choose may be different depending on your motivation. For example, if you want to honor a loved one, maybe get something from a book they loved or their favorite flower. If you just want something that looks cool, look through some abstract art designs and see if any of them catch your eye. At Vici Ink we work with you to have art represent the artist in you.

Where do you want the tattoo?

The placement of the tattoo is important. Do you want to see the tattoo every day? If so, get it on the front half of your body. Do you want to be able to cover it easily? Maybe go for the lower back or the back of the neck. Neck tattoos are a lot bolder for those who want to have a visible tattoo at all times.

Some people also may want to consider the pain level. Foot tattoos hurt more than arm tattoos, for example. Don’t let the pain deter you from getting the tattoo and art you really want in the place you really want, though. The pain is only temporary; tattoo art is permanent.

What means the most to you?

Tattoos are a great way to express aspects of yourself. What are your passions? Music? Consider music notes. Soccer? Think about a soccer ball. Nature? Maybe you want to get a cool tree. Make a list of things you are passionate about, your favorite songs, your favorite activities, your hobbies, your inspirations. Do some brainstorming.

Maybe you want to express a more abstract concept. For example, maybe you want a tattoo that symbolizes peace and tranquility. Or maybe you want a tattoo to express some aspect of your personality like friendliness. Think about getting a butterfly to symbolize being a social butterfly. The possibilities are endless. If you get stuck, ask your loved ones to brainstorm ideas with you.

Have you looked through images for tattoo ideas?

You can find a ton of tattoo designs on the internet: tattoos for men, tattoos for women, name tattoo designs, anything you want. Pinterest is a great place to browse images. You also may want to try tattoo magazines or the portfolio of an artist you really admire.

If you are having trouble deciding on a tattoo, looking through images of other tattoos is one of the most helpful things you can do. Even if you don’t want to blatantly get the same tattoo someone else has, looking at images of tattoo designs will give you some ideas and inspiration for your own tattoo.

The main thing to remember is that this is going to be on your body permanently. You don’t want to choose a design lightly. Make sure you take the time you need to decide on a tattoo art design that you really love and let the artist be reborn in you.

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